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Manual Sink Faucets

3500 Series Metering FaucetsPDF Video
3510 Series Lavatory FaucetVideo
3600 Series MeterMix™ FaucetsPDF
410 and 410-T Series Installation InstructionsPDF Video
420 Series Single Control Lavatory FaucetsPDF Video
434 Series High-Arc Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down SpoutPDF
436 Series Kitchen FaucetPDF
897 Service Sink FittingPDF
Deck Mounted FittingsPDF
In-Wall FittingsPDF
Marathon FittingsPDF
Wall Mounted - Exposed FittingsPDF
Widespread - Concealed FittingsPDF
Widespread Fittings: 201, 786PDF
Widespread Fittings: 200, 404, 794, HZ and PO modelsPDF Video
Pre-Rinse FittingsPDF
Warranty / Care and MaintenancePDF

Electronic Sensor Faucets

E-Tronic® 20PDF
E-Tronic® 40PDF Video
E-Tronic® 80PDF Video
Eagle Eye AC/DC FittingsPDF
EBPS Repair/Retrofit InstructionsPDF
EFS Series Installation InstructionsPDF Video
ELR SeriesPDF Video
EQ SeriesPDF Video
EQ Series Daisy ChainPDF Video
EVR SeriesPDF Video
Alpina® Series Installation InstructionsPDF
Galileo 650 and 680 Electronic FaucetsPDF
HyTronic® Installation InstructionsPDF
HyTronic® Faucets: Converting to Bluetooth® CommunicationPDFVideo
HyTronic® Faucets: Enabling Manual Setting ModeVideo
HyTronic® Faucets: Manual Sensor Range AdjustmentVideo
HyTronic® Faucets: Manually Restore Default SettingsVideo
HyTronic® Faucets: Manually Set 60-Second Scrub ModeVideo
HyTronic® Faucets: Manually Set Metering ModeVideo
HyTronic® Faucets: Manually Set Normal ModeVideo
HyTronic® AC to DC ConversionPDF

Pre-Rinse Fittings


Drinking Fountains


Tub and Shower Fittings

150 Series Hand Shower with Auto-Drain™PDF
1900/1902 Series Pressure Balancing ValvesPDF
1905/1907 Series Pressure Balancing ValvesPDF
1911 Series Pressure Balancing Valve with Auto-Drain™PDF
1920 Series Thermostatic/Pressure Balancing Valves, including Auto-Drain™PDF
1921 Series Pressure Balancing Valve with Auto-Drain™PDF
2500 Temp Shield SeriesPDF
SH Series Pressure Balancing Tub/Shower SystemsPDF
Transfer Valve Installation InstructionsPDF
Thermostatic/Pressure Balance Valve with Ligature Resistant TrimPDF Video

Laboratory and Safety Fittings

Laboratory FittingsPDF
Manual Faucet with EyewashPDF
Touchless Faucet with EyewashPDF

Urinal Valves

Urinal Valves - 732/733PDF

Remote Spouts and Valves

Knee and Pedal ValvePDF

Faucet Accessories and Parts

131 Series Thermostatic Mixing ValvesPDF
240.631.00.1 TransformerPDF
241.821.00.1 TransformerPDF
EQ® Series Touchless Soap DispenserPDF Video
E-Tronic® 80 Touchless Soap DispenserPDF Video
Accessory Temperature Control Mixer for HyTronic and Single-Supply Manual FaucetsPDF
Atmospheric Vacuum BreakerPDF
Control-A-Flo UnitPDF
Mixing Y ValvePDF
Retrofitting The MVP Metering CartridgesPDF
X - XT Cartridge ComparisonPDF


Cartridge Maintenance / Repair Guide
Owner's Care Manual

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