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Now it's easier than ever to adjust and maintain your Chicago Faucets by using CF Connect! Want to learn more? Have questions? Schedule to speak with an expert and receive your FREE brochure!
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Effortless Water Management with CF Connect

Simplify faucet management with the touch of a finger. CF Connect offers easy, intelligent water management for faucets with Bluetooth® low energy technology, allowing them to be adjusted and controlled with a smartphone or tablet. View the video to see the CF Connect features. 

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The CF Connect app is currently available for our HyTronic® and HyTronic® for Patient Care faucets, and more faucets will be made available with the app soon! Facilities managers can select from use-based, interval-based, and volume-based Hygiene flush mode to reduce water stagnation. Pipe flush mode is available for longer purges that support remediation efforts. Hygiene flush options include adjustable flushing duration, flushing volume, and the interval between flushes.

In the app’s settings, operation and hygiene flush modes can be saved, named as a pre-set, and used to transfer settings to other faucets in a facility. Set the faucet's operating mode depending on location and usage: Normal Mode, Scrub Mode, Metering Mode, Water Saver Mode, Handwash Mode, Volume Mode, and Cleaning Mode.

With the CF Connect app, facilities managers can also organize and simplify maintenance, improving the tedious task of remembering or documenting which faucets were flushed or need updates.

√ Name faucets to match location for easy individual or group identification.
√ Search for faucets in range or select previously paired faucets.
√ Establish preset faucet settings to easily restore or transfer settings to multiple faucets.
√ Easily download usage logs.
√ Easy adjustments: hygiene flush, detection distances, run-on times, safety shut-off times, and more!
Why Choose CF Connect?
CF Connect offers a wide range of operational modes and data-reporting to deliver time, energy, and water savings. Great for any commercial restroom.
  • Establish Preset Faucet Settings to Save Time
  • Easily Download Usage Logs and Analytics
  • Easy Adjustments
    • Hygiene flush
    • Detection distance
    • Run-on time
    • Safety shut-off time
    • Service mode
Get the CF Connect App!

The CF Connect App is available now in app stores. It allows facilities managers to run diagnostics, set flush times, make adjustments to the faucet's settings, and more with the touch of a finger. Our HyTronic or Hytronic for Patient Care faucets are currently available with the CF Connect app, and more faucets will be made available with the app soon! 


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