HyTronic, The Number One 
Choice for Touchless Faucets

HyTronic Touchless Faucet


Choose a faucet that lasts. No brand is more durable or lasts longer than Chicago Faucets, and HyTronic is the most reliable touchless faucet you can buy.  

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Facility managers choose Chicago Faucets over and over because it lasts. 

  • Benchmark for Durability - Heavy duty cast brass construction with a refined, polished chrome finish. 

  • Easy to Service - All components are above-deck for easy access. Perform routine maintenance without shutting off the water. 

  • Quick, Dependable Performance - Twin-beam infrared system responds quickly, adjusts to environmental changes, and minimizes false activations. 

  • A Spout for Any Style - Choose from Traditional, Contemporary, Gooseneck, Curve, and Edge Spouts 

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