Meet the dependable and low-maintenance E-Tronic® 80. This touchless commercial restroom faucet was designed with the facility manager in mind. You don’t have time to shut down the water supply to make a simple adjustment or have a day set aside to install faucets. Streamline installation and service to easily fit into your schedule with the E-Tronic® 80. 

The E-Tronic® 80 with integrated thermostatic valve is for the busy facility manager  

E-tronic 80 with built-in thermostatic valve
The E-Tronic® 80 with built-in thermostatic mixing valve can be installed with or without a user adjustable temperature control.

Easy to install and maintain 

Once you connect the supply hoses, there is no need to crawl under the sink to install or service the E-Tronic® 80. All electronic components are above-deck for quick and easy installation and maintenance. 

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Customize design 

Just like other Chicago Faucets, the E-Tronic® 80 offers customization options. You can choose a model with user adjustable temperature control, or you can choose a model that dispenses pre-tempered water. Installation options for single-hole, 4-inch, or 8-inch on-center holes are available. 

Scald protection 

Built-in ASSE 1070 compliant thermostatic protection* is available to prevent scalding. This is an ideal add-on for schools, assisted living facilities, and other public areas where ASSE 1070 devices are required. 

Simple water adjustments 

The Commander™ handheld unit lets facility managers and maintenance staff scan the faucet from one-foot away and assess any issues before even looking at the faucet. Adjust sensing range, flow times, or water mode; check for maintenance needs and create water usage and maintenance reports with the optional desktop software. 

Reduce water bills 

Maintenance personnel can control run time to save water and reduce utility bills with a vandal resistant outlet. The outlet options range from .35 to 1.5 GPM. 

Built-in thermostatic mixing valve 

How much money would you save with a built-in thermostatic mixing valve? Try our calculator to find out!

We conducted a test to determine how long it takes to install a traditional faucet versus a faucet with integrated thermostatic mixing valve. The traditional faucet took 45 minutes to install. The faucet with an integrated thermostatic mixing valve took 15 minutes to install. This calculator is based on the results of the test.



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