E-Tronic® 40

The Number One
Reliable, Affordable
Touchless Faucet

E-Tronic 40Affordable Reliable Touchless Faucet


E-Tronic 40 faucets offer touchless convenience, durability and reliability. 

The E-Tronic 40 is the most affordable touchless faucet to specify.  

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Architects & Engineers Specify for Sustainability & Functionality

  • Meet CalGreen and LEED with 0.35 GPM.   Also available in 0.50 GPM and 1.0 GPM. 

  • Select from Long Term Power System (LTPS), a maintenance-free power that will last at least 15 years with normal use.   

  • Select the Self-Sustaining Power System (SSPS) that uses the flow of water to generate power for the faucet.  No batteries or wiring required.

  • Thermostatic mixing valve available for scald protection.

E-Tronic 40 Touchless Faucet with Chicago Faucets Durability

Facility Managers Update for Durability & Reliability

  • Benchmark for Durability - Heavy duty cast brass construction with a refined, polished chrome finish. 

  • Easy to Service - All components are above-deck for easy access. Perform routine maintenance without shutting off the water. 

  • Optional handheld unit maintains and monitors your faucets with five running modes and hygiene flush.

  • Easy to Install - 4" base with single supply fits sign hole and 4" sinks. 

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