HyTronic® for patient care applications – a proven solution. HyTronic touch-free faucets with the CF Connect app for Patient Care Applications deliver a responsive, touch-free handwashing experience. An internal waterway is designed and constructed to limit the tested microbial contamination to a level statistically similar to standards set by a conventional manual faucet. Options include a thermostatic mixing valve that provides point-of-use scald protection and tools that support plumbing system remediation protocols.

How can a faucet help limit the spread of bacteria? Check out this video to learn more:

We’ve designed a complete package specifically for patient care areas that helps reduce the spread of infection, provides protection against scalding, and prevents the cross-flow of dangerous bacteria from the hot supply into the cold supply and back into the plumbing system.

Closeups of Patient HyTronic faucets
Patient Care HyTronic faucets reduce surface contact, limit waterway bacterial growth, and are available with mixer and supply stops.


A complete system for high-risk patient care areas:

  • Patient care-specific operating modes: Scrub, metering, and cleaning modes
  • Bluetooth enabled. Download the CF Connect app for easy, intelligent water management. HyTronic faucets with Bluetooth® low energy technology, can be adjusted, monitored and controlled with a smartphone or tablet. Functions include: Hygiene Flush, Pipe Flush, Normal Mode, Scrub Mode, Metering Mode, Watersaver Mode, Handwash Mode, Volume Mode and Cleaning Mode
  • Low volume solenoid valve: Minimizes the amount of stagnant water
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve: Point-of-use scald prevention
  • Angle Stops with Integral Checks: Prevent potentially dangerous cross-flow

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