HyTronic for Patient Care Applications is designed with a built-in scrub mode to encourage handwashing that complies with recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Special Operating Modes for Patient Care Applications 

Facilities can set pre-programmed scrub mode for a defined period. 

This process means that hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical facilities can provide tools to help employees and caregivers meet CDC handwashing recommendations. 

Download the eBook - Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections Through Water Treatment Methods

HyTronic faucets for Patient Care Applications gives you even more benefits:

  • Patient care-specific operating modes – not just scrub mode, but also metering and cleaning modes. 

  • Handwashing data access – our Commander handheld programming unit allows you to retrieve usage data from your faucets.. 

  • Reduces the age of the water – settable hygiene flush mode to allow the faucet to automatically flush stagnant water in low traffic areas, thus reducing the “water age.” 

  • Scald protection (optional feature) – a thermostatic mixing valve option protects caregivers from potential scalding. 

  • Crossflow prevention (optional feature) – Chicago Faucets specialty angle stops with integral check valves prevent dangerous crossflow. 

Why Choose HyTronic for Patient Care Applications

Wondering whether sensor faucets are right for your facility? HyTronic sensor faucets are the number one choice of healthcare providers everywhere. Only HyTronic faucets feature dual-beam sensing and unmatched programmability. Set HyTronic to match your needs, and you’ll get consistent, reliable operation – now and for years to come. 


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