EQ Curved Series Lavatory Sink Faucet with Hands-free Infrared Detection

Model #: EQ-A11C-11ABCP
  • Single Hole
  • Curved Style Cast Brass Spout
  • 0.35 GPM (1.3 L/min) Vandal Proof Pressure Compensating Econo-Flo Non-Aerating Spray Outlet
  • Single Supply for Tempered Water
  • Powered from 4 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (Included) - Up to 5 Year Battery Life
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose(s) (Included)
  • No mixer included
  • On Demand IR detection for hands-free actuation and maximum water savings
  • 20 seconds standard maximum run time; drops to 10 seconds in high use environments for additional water savings
  • Chrome Plate Finish
  • Weight: 4.450lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 21.00"L x 7.38"W x 3.81"H
  • ECAST® construction with equal to or less than 0.25% lead content by weighted average
  • This item ships 5 business days from order acknowledgement
Price (USD) $ 486.72

Electronic Sensor Faucets EQ-A11C-11ABCP


Specification Sheet (PDF)
3D IGES File (ZIP)

Installation Instructions

EQ Series (PDF)


Lifetime Limited Faucet Warranty
1-Year Limited Finish Warranty
5-Year Limited Mechanical Warranty
3-Year Limited Electronics and Solenoid Warranty


Buy American Act - ARRA Data (PDF)
Chicago Faucets & The Buy American Act
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Low-Flow Electronic Faucets for LEED v4

Codes / Standards

  • ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1
  • California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953-2006)
  • Vermont Bill S.152
  • Louisiana Low Lead Law HB.471
  • NSF/ANSI 372 Low Lead Content
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61, Section 9 by CSA
  • ADA ANSI/ICC A117.1


Available accessories for this model

 ModelTypeDescriptionList Price
EQ-A12-KJKCPCover PlatesFor EQ Series Curved or High Arc Deck-mounted faucets, 3-hole, 4-inch (102 mm) Center Installations$ 44.56
EQ-A13-KJKCPCover PlatesFor EQ Series Curved or High Arc Deck-mounted, 3-hole, 8-inch (203 mm) Center Installations$ 77.98
EQ-11KJKABNFRepair Partsfor Pre-Mixed Water$ 216.42
EQ-31KJKABNFRepair PartsEQ Control Box Assembly for Pre-mixed water$ 297.59
EQ-41KJKABNFRepair PartsEQ Control Box Assembly for Pre-mixed water$ 238.07
EQ-51KJKABNFRepair PartsEQ Control Box Assembly for Pre-mixed water$ 313.81

Compatible fittings and / or components for this model

 ModelTypeDescriptionList Price

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EQ-A11A-11ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 594.88
EQ-A11A-11ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 486.72
EQ-A11A-12ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 627.33
EQ-A11A-12ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 519.17
EQ-A11A-13ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 681.41
EQ-A11A-13ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 573.25
EQ-A11C-11ABCPCURVEDNo mixer included$ 486.72
EQ-A11C-13ABCPCURVEDConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 573.25
EQ-A12A-11ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 670.59
EQ-A12A-11ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 529.98
EQ-A12A-12ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 703.04
EQ-A12A-12ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 562.43
EQ-A12A-13ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 757.12
EQ-A12A-13ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 616.51
EQ-A12C-11ABCPCURVEDNo mixer included$ 529.98
EQ-A12C-13ABCPCURVEDConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 616.51
EQ-A13A-11ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 703.04
EQ-A13A-11ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 562.43
EQ-A13A-12ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 735.49
EQ-A13A-12ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 594.88
EQ-A13A-13ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 789.57
EQ-A13A-13ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 648.96
EQ-A13C-11ABCPCURVEDNo mixer included$ 562.43
EQ-A13C-13ABCPCURVEDConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 648.96
EQ-A21A-15ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 811.20
EQ-A21A-15ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 703.04
EQ-A22A-15ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 886.91
EQ-A22A-15ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 746.30
EQ-A23A-15ABBNCURVED243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 919.36
EQ-A23A-15ABCPCURVED243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 778.75
EQ-B11A-11ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 627.33
EQ-B11A-11ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 519.17
EQ-B11A-12ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 659.78
EQ-B11A-12ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 551.62
EQ-B11A-13ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 713.86
EQ-B11A-13ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 605.70
EQ-B12A-11ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 703.04
EQ-B12A-11ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 562.43
EQ-B12A-12ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 735.49
EQ-B12A-12ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 594.88
EQ-B12A-13ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 789.57
EQ-B12A-13ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 648.96
EQ-B13A-11ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 735.49
EQ-B13A-11ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 594.88
EQ-B13A-12ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 767.94
EQ-B13A-12ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 627.33
EQ-B13A-13ABBNANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 822.02
EQ-B13A-13ABCPANGULAR243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 681.41
EQ-C11A-11ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 681.41
EQ-C11A-11ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 573.25
EQ-C11A-12ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 713.86
EQ-C11A-12ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 605.70
EQ-C11A-13ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 767.94
EQ-C11A-13ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 659.78
EQ-C12A-11ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 757.12
EQ-C12A-11ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 616.51
EQ-C12A-12ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 789.57
EQ-C12A-12ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 648.96
EQ-C12A-13ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 843.65
EQ-C12A-13ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 703.04
EQ-C13A-11ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 789.57
EQ-C13A-11ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 648.96
EQ-C13A-12ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 822.02
EQ-C13A-12ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 681.41
EQ-C13A-13ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 876.10
EQ-C13A-13ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 735.49
EQ-C21A-15ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 897.73
EQ-C21A-15ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 789.57
EQ-C22A-15ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 973.44
EQ-C22A-15ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 832.83
EQ-C23A-15ABBNHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1005.89
EQ-C23A-15ABCPHIGH ARC243.145.AB.1User Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 865.28
EQ-D11A-11ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 432.64
EQ-D11A-11ABCP-MPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 2440.09
EQ-D11A-12ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 465.09
EQ-D11A-12ABCP-MPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 2622.88
EQ-D11A-13ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 519.17
EQ-D11A-13ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 519.17
EQ-D11A-13ABCP-MPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 2927.89
EQ-D11A-13ABCP-MPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 2927.89
EQ-D12A-11ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 475.90
EQ-D12A-11ABCP-MPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 2684.53
EQ-D12A-12ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 508.35
EQ-D12A-12ABCP-MPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 2867.32
EQ-D12A-13ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 562.43
EQ-D12A-13ABCP-MPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 3172.33
EQ-D13A-11ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1No mixer included$ 508.35
EQ-D13A-12ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 540.80
EQ-D13A-13ABCPCURVED ZINC243.145.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 594.88