982 Series

Deck-mounted laboratory turret with two valves at 90°


Turret with two valves at 90°
Laboratory nozzle with 10 serrations for laboratory hose (E7TJKSAM)
Satin antimicrobial (SAM)
2 lb
Package Dimensions
9 × 7 × 7 in


Please Note: items with SAM finish require special handling and will typically ship 45 business days from order acknowledgement
  • Faucet 5 Year

    5-Year Limited Faucet Warranty

  • Faucet Life

    Lifetime Limited Faucet Warranty

  • Finish 1 Year

    1-Year Limited Finish Warranty

  • Mechanical

    5-Year Limited Mechanical Warranty

Codes / Standards
  • ADA ANSI/ICC A117.1

  • ANSI Z21.15b/CSA 9.1b

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