Meet the EVR Series  

The durable restroom solution for high traffic spaces. 

EVR faucet




Why choose the EVR touchless faucet? 

  • ASSE 1070 certified thermostatic protection to prevent scalding, models also available without. 

  • One-piece cast brass body that’s built for high-traffic restrooms. 

  • Vandal resistant outlet that withstands tampering 

  • Higher and longer spout is ADA compliant and aides in comfort for all users.

  • A compact control box keeps all faucet components easily accessible and tidy.


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Watch to See the EVR Difference

See our exclusive industry options like ASSE 1070 built-in integration, Handheld Wireless Servicing, and our Long-Term Power Supply (up to 30 years). No other touchless faucet can compare to the EVR Series in good looks, strength, durability, quality, and affordability.

Built-In Savings

  • All standard features and power options are built-in and concealed in a compact box outshining the competition

  • Only Chicago Faucets offers a built-in ASSE 1070 option saving peace of mind and even more installation time

  • Power options, including Long Term Power Solution, maintenance-free power for more than 15 years under typical use – designed to save time with no additional wiring, no need for an electrician, and no periodic battery replacement.

  • Chicago Faucets unsurpassed interchangeability and compatible outlets and cartridges you already use- making the switch to touchless easy and affordable with your existing faucet.

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