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A cartridge is the heart of any faucet and the single-most important component in terms of a faucet’s overall performance. This small part has a huge responsibility: Controlling flow and mix of the incoming water. Over time, rubber O-rings and other internal parts can wear out. A cartridge has a standard lifespan of five to ten years and can be replaced or serviced on a preventive basis. However, not all cartridges are created equal, so understanding what you want your cartridge to achieve will guide you towards the best purchasing decision and ultimately the best performance experience.

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Quaturn™ Cartridges for Public Assembly Construction
(airports, stadiums, conference centers, etc.)

quaturn cartridge over a background image of a public restroom

The Quaturn™ cartridge patented in 1913 was revolutionary at the time and has been updated over the years to incorporate new technology and materials. It is still interchangeable with any Quaturn manufactured since 1913. These cartridges come standard on most of Chicago Faucets manual faucets and fit almost any Chicago Faucets product.

Application: These cartridges are ideal for heavy-use commercial and institutional applications, including those with hard water.  

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Solid machined brass construction, stainless steel stem, and high grade, self-lubricated O-rings for a reliable long life
  • 90° turn, gradual stop, closes with pressure - low effort for the user
  • Design allows simple rebuild to save on replacement costs

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Ceramic Cartridges for Office or Hotel Construction

ceramic cartridges over background of hotel bathroom

Application: Because they’re commercial grade, these cartridges are ideal for low-use, standard-use, and high-use applications, including residential and sites with hard water.  

Key Features and Benefits:  

  • 90° turn, positive stop
  • Color-coded seats indicate hot or cold operation
  • No parts to replace, easily replace entire cartridge

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Ceramic Disc Construction with Integrated Check Valve Cartridges (XKC) for Food and Beverage Industry

ceramic disc construction with integrated check valve cartridge over a background image of a commercial kitchen

Cross-flow in faucets happens when the pressure in the hot and cold water lines varies. For applications where a valve is downstream – like pre-rinse faucets or service sink faucets – a check valve is critical. Cross-flow can result in higher energy bills for the facility, poor temperature mixing, and create a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Application: These cartridges­ are ideal for food service and janitorial applications. You can find it in our most popular food and janitorial products. They are also an energy saving addition to low-flow faucets, which are at a greater risk of cross-flow.  

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated check valve to prevent cross-flow, eliminates need for separate check valves in challenging applications like janitorial sinks
  • Commercial grade ceramic cartridge design with a solid brass sleeve for durability and long life
  • Fit most Chicago Faucets products with short-stem handles

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MVP™ Cartridges for Schools

MVP metering cartridge and actuator over background image of school restroom

Known for its “Metering Valve Perfection”, MVP cartridges close upon release or within a 2 to 15-second cycle time.

Application: These cartridges are ideal for reducing water usage in schools, stadiums, airports, and other high-traffic locations. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Helps reduce water usage in high traffic locations
  • Cartridge closes upon release or within an adjustable 2-30 second cycle time
  • External timing nut for easy adjustment, no need for water shut-off
  • Added filter screen protects against contaminants
  • Fewer replacement parts for easy maintenance
  • ADA Compliant when used with a Chicago Faucets 665 handle

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Slow Compression Cartridges for Laboratory Faucets

slow compression cartridge over background image of a school laboratory

Application: Because they allow the water stream to be finely adjusted, Slow Compression cartridges are ideal for laboratory applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 180° turn – for fine adjustment, gradual stop
  • Design allows simple rebuild to save on replacement costs
  • Solid machined brass construction and high grade, self-lubricated O-rings for long life
  • ADA compliant with lever or wing handles.

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Klo-Self™ Cartridges for Rest Stops, Parks, and Campgrounds

 Klo-self cartridge over background image of a park visitors center

Application: Choose these cartridges for areas that receive little or no regular maintenance, such as public rest stops, parks, and campgrounds.  

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Self-closing, immediate-off
  • Not affected by water conditions
  • Ideal for areas with little or no regular maintenance

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Discover extensive information from Chicago Faucets about the range of cartridges that will meet your specific application needs, available in these complimentary brochures:

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