Saving water has never
looked this good.

Older faucets in your building can waste a lot of water. If they’re manual faucets with a 2.2 gallon flow-rate, you’re truly pouring money down the drain. EQ faucets feature low flow outlets combined with smart technology that can help reduce water usage by as much as 77%.*

With EQ, water flow begins immediately when hands are placed under the spout, and continues for a maximum of 20 seconds. With EQ, unlike a manual faucet, the water automatically stops when the hands are removed.

In busier restrooms, EQ becomes even more efficient and automatically cuts water flow time in half to a maximum of 10 seconds. In addition to saving water, this feature keeps the crowd moving.

*Comparison is based on using EQ faucet with a 0.5 GPM outlet to replace a faucet with a 2.2 GPM outlet. Water savings is based on 40 seconds of usage. The faucet with a 2.2 GPM flow rate would use 1.47 gallons of water while the EQ faucet would use .33 gallons of water.