Achieving Water Savings with Low Flow Faucets

Save More Water Today

with the industry’s widest selection of 0.35 GPM faucets.

0.35 GPM
0.35 GPM low flow water saving manual faucet
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0.35 GPM low flow water saving metering faucet
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0.35 GPM low flow water saving electronic sensor touchless faucet

A Few Faucets Can
Make A Big Difference

Installing 0.35 GPM faucets can save a lot of water.

An office is open 250 days per year with 50 full-time employees.

Average Hand Washing Time Per Employee

4,687 Minutes Per Year Washing Hands

Gallons Per Year by Flow Rate

Our 0.35 GPM faucets reduce water usage by as much as 84%!

Across the country, people continue to look for new ways to save water.

From California to Rhode Island, states have enacted new standards that limit the amount of water that can be used in public restrooms.

The Most Stringent
Standard: LEED v4

LEED v4 is the newest version of this certification program.

In all, it establishes standards for green buildings across 9 categories, including water efficiency (WE).

Chicago Faucets supports the LEED WE Category with 0.35 GPM faucets for public restrooms.