EQ Curved Series Lavatory Sink Faucet with Hands-free Infrared Detection

Model #: EQ-D11C-23ABCP
  • Single Hole
  • 0.35 GPM (1.3L/min) Flow Control Insert in Spout Inlet
  • Dual Supply for Hot and Cold Water Service
  • Self Sustaining Power System - water turbine generates the necessary power to operate the faucet for 10+ years
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose(s) (Included)
  • Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)
  • On Demand IR detection for hands-free actuation and maximum water savings
  • 20 seconds standard maximum run time; drops to 10 seconds in high use environments for additional water savings
  • Chrome Plate Finish
  • Weight: 5.030lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 21.00"L x 7.38"W x 3.81"H
  • ECAST® construction with equal to or less than 0.25% lead content by weighted average
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  • Eligible to ship within 24 hours after order acknowledgement (customer pays freight)
  • Eligible to ship same day if order received by 12:00 pm CST (customer pays freight)
Price (USD) $ 759.20

Electronic Sensor Faucets EQ-D11C-23ABCP


Specification Sheet (PDF)
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Installation Instructions

EQ Series (PDF)


5-Year Limited Faucet Warranty
5-Year Limited Mechanical Warranty
3-Year Limited Electronics and Solenoid Warranty
1-Year Manufacturing Material Defects Warranty


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Codes / Standards

  • ASME A112.18.2/CSA B125.2
  • ANSI Z21.15/CSA 9.1
  • ADA ANSI/ICC A117.1
  • Certified to ASSE 1070 by CSA


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EQ-A11B-22ABCPCURVED243.146.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 759.20
EQ-A11B-23ABCPCURVED243.146.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 811.20
EQ-A11C-21ABBNCURVEDNo mixer included$ 832.00
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EQ-A11C-22ABBNCURVEDConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 863.20
EQ-A11C-22ABCPCURVEDConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 759.20
EQ-A11C-23ABBNCURVEDConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 915.20
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EQ-A12B-21ABCPCURVED243.146.AB.1No mixer included$ 769.60
EQ-A12B-22ABCPCURVED243.146.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 800.80
EQ-A12B-23ABCPCURVED243.146.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 852.80
EQ-A12C-21ABBNCURVEDNo mixer included$ 904.80
EQ-A12C-21ABCPCURVEDNo mixer included$ 769.60
EQ-A12C-22ABBNCURVEDConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 936.00
EQ-A12C-22ABCPCURVEDConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 800.80
EQ-A12C-23ABBNCURVEDConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 988.00
EQ-A12C-23ABCPCURVEDConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 852.80
EQ-A13C-21ABBNCURVEDNo mixer included$ 936.00
EQ-A13C-21ABCPCURVEDNo mixer included$ 800.80
EQ-A13C-22ABBNCURVEDConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 967.20
EQ-A13C-22ABCPCURVEDConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 832.00
EQ-A13C-23ABBNCURVEDConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 1019.20
EQ-A13C-23ABCPCURVEDConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 884.00
EQ-A21C-25ABBNCURVEDUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1040.00
EQ-A21C-25ABCPCURVEDUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 936.00
EQ-A22C-25ABBNCURVEDUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1112.80
EQ-A22C-25ABCPCURVEDUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 977.60
EQ-A23C-25ABBNCURVEDUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1144.00
EQ-A23C-25ABCPCURVEDUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1008.80
EQ-B11C-21ABBNANGULARNo mixer included$ 863.20
EQ-B11C-21ABCPANGULARNo mixer included$ 759.20
EQ-B11C-22ABBNANGULARConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 894.40
EQ-B11C-22ABCPANGULARConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 790.40
EQ-B11C-23ABBNANGULARConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 946.40
EQ-B11C-23ABCPANGULARConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 842.40
EQ-B12C-21ABBNANGULARNo mixer included$ 936.00
EQ-B12C-21ABCPANGULARNo mixer included$ 800.80
EQ-B12C-22ABBNANGULARConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 967.20
EQ-B12C-22ABCPANGULARConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 832.00
EQ-B12C-23ABBNANGULARConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 1019.20
EQ-B12C-23ABCPANGULARConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 884.00
EQ-B13C-21ABBNANGULARNo mixer included$ 967.20
EQ-B13C-21ABCPANGULARNo mixer included$ 832.00
EQ-B13C-22ABBNANGULARConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 998.40
EQ-B13C-22ABCPANGULARConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 863.20
EQ-B13C-23ABBNANGULARConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 1050.40
EQ-B13C-23ABCPANGULARConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 915.20
EQ-C11B-21ABCPHIGH ARC243.146.AB.1No mixer included$ 811.20
EQ-C11B-22ABCPHIGH ARC243.146.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 842.40
EQ-C11B-23ABCPHIGH ARC243.146.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 894.40
EQ-C11C-21ABBNHIGH ARCNo mixer included$ 915.20
EQ-C11C-21ABCPHIGH ARCNo mixer included$ 811.20
EQ-C11C-22ABBNHIGH ARCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 946.40
EQ-C11C-22ABCPHIGH ARCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 842.40
EQ-C11C-23ABBNHIGH ARCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 998.40
EQ-C11C-23ABCPHIGH ARCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 894.40
EQ-C12B-21ABCPHIGH ARC243.146.AB.1No mixer included$ 852.80
EQ-C12B-22ABCPHIGH ARC243.146.AB.1Concealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 884.00
EQ-C12B-23ABCPHIGH ARC243.146.AB.1Concealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 936.00
EQ-C12C-21ABBNHIGH ARCNo mixer included$ 988.00
EQ-C12C-21ABCPHIGH ARCNo mixer included$ 852.80
EQ-C12C-22ABBNHIGH ARCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 1019.20
EQ-C12C-22ABCPHIGH ARCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 884.00
EQ-C12C-23ABBNHIGH ARCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 1071.20
EQ-C12C-23ABCPHIGH ARCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 936.00
EQ-C13C-21ABBNHIGH ARCNo mixer included$ 1019.20
EQ-C13C-21ABCPHIGH ARCNo mixer included$ 884.00
EQ-C13C-22ABBNHIGH ARCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 1050.40
EQ-C13C-22ABCPHIGH ARCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 915.20
EQ-C13C-23ABBNHIGH ARCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 1102.40
EQ-C13C-23ABCPHIGH ARCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 967.20
EQ-C21C-25ABBNHIGH ARCUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1123.20
EQ-C21C-25ABCPHIGH ARCUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1019.20
EQ-C22C-25ABBNHIGH ARCUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1196.00
EQ-C22C-25ABCPHIGH ARCUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1060.80
EQ-C23C-25ABBNHIGH ARCUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1227.20
EQ-C23C-25ABCPHIGH ARCUser Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Integrated)$ 1092.00
EQ-D11C-21ABCPCURVED ZINCNo mixer included$ 676.00
EQ-D11C-22ABCPCURVED ZINCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 707.20
EQ-D11C-23ABCPCURVED ZINCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 759.20
EQ-D12C-21ABCPCURVED ZINCNo mixer included$ 717.60
EQ-D12C-22ABCPCURVED ZINCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 748.80
EQ-D12C-23ABCPCURVED ZINCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 800.80
EQ-D13C-21ABCPCURVED ZINCNo mixer included$ 748.80
EQ-D13C-22ABCPCURVED ZINCConcealed Mechanical Mixing Valve (Included)$ 780.00
EQ-D13C-23ABCPCURVED ZINCConcealed Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Included)$ 832.00