HyTronic Gooseneck Sink Faucet with Dual Beam Infrared Sensor

Model #: 116.114.AB.1
  • Single Hole
  • GN2AH8AB - 5-1/4" Rigid / Swing Gooseneck Spout
  • Includes Optional 2.2 GPM (8.3 L/min) Aerator Insert
  • E2805-5AB - 0.5 GPM (1.9 L/min) Vandal Proof Pressure Compensating Econo-Flo Non-Aerating Spray
  • Dual Supply for Hot and Cold Water Service
  • 12 Volt AC Transformer Required (Order Separately)
  • Stainless Steel Hoses Included
  • Concealed Internal Temperature Control Mixer
  • Multiple Field Adjustable Modes and Ranges
  • Compatible with Chicago Faucets Commander™ Handheld Programming Unit
  • Chrome Plate Finish
  • Weight: 5.250lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 12.50"L x 9.50"W x 3.75"H
  • ECAST® construction with equal to or less than 0.25% lead content by weighted average
  • CFNow! - this item ships 3 business days from order acknowledgement
  • Eligible to ship within 24 hours after order acknowledgement (customer pays freight)
Price $ 825.71

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Codes / Standards

  • ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1
  • California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953-2006)
  • Vermont Bill S.152
  • Louisiana Low Lead Law HB.471
  • NSF/ANSI 372 Low Lead Content
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61, Section 9 by CSA
  • ADA ANSI/ICC A117.1


Available accessories for this model

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240.632.AB.1Repair PartsElectronic, Inlet Copper Tube Supply$ 13.59
116.900.AB.1Transformers/BatteriesConversion Kit for HyTronic Faucets, for Users without Commander Programming Units$ 535.50
116.909.AB.1Transformers/BatteriesConversion Kit for HyTronic Faucets, for Users with Commander Programming Units$ 364.14
116.917.AB.1Transformers/BatteriesConversion Kit for HyTronic Faucets, for Users without Commander Programming Unit$ 535.50
116.918.AB.1Transformers/BatteriesConversion Kit for HyTronic Faucets, for Users with Commander Programming Unit$ 364.14
240.630.00.1Transformers/BatteriesPlug-in - Single-use$ 50.92 - Multi-use$ 104.39 - Multi-use$ 63.52

Compatible fittings and / or components for this model

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